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What if the emails you sent made you money—while delivering the most important messages to the right people at the right time?

I help experts leverage their insights to nurture leads and sell courses through their owned marketing channels like email and websites (rather than rented platforms like social media).

It’s a simple approach that’s also a lot of fun.

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Hi, I’m Jordan Mogck

I bring a mix of technical know-how with creative direction to my clients’ email newsletters. But my primary aim? Make your life easier having worked with Nice Newsletter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you produce email campaigns besides newsletters?

Certainly can! However, if you need more than one campaign per week, I’d recommend a custom arrangement.

Why wouldn’t I just hire someone in-house to do my newsletters?

Good question. If your email list is big enough, you should have someone with significant experience managing your newsletter (it will likely be one of your biggest business drivers). However, a senior-level email strategist salary exceeds $100,000, plus benefits. A quarterly price of $4,500 is a bargain with exceptional results.

How big should our email list be to be worth it?

This varies by industry and business. In general, if your list is more than a few thousand contacts and the lifetime value of a customer or client exceeds $1,000 then it makes sense to invest in your newsletter.

Can you help grow our email list?

Yes! The first 4 weeks will be spent auditing how your subscribers get onto your list and what they experience. This includes things like your subscription form, delivery of lead magnets, and a stellar welcome sequence.

Do you write all of the content?

Yep, but rely on you as the expert of your business. In our first four weeks together, I’ll interview you and anyone else that might speak into the newsletter content. From there, we’ll perform research about your customers, your industry, your competitors and create a content calendar for the twelve weeks.

We’ll deliver a finished draft of each email for you to review before it goes out to your list.

Can we do a monthly newsletter instead of weekly or bi-weekly?

For the best ROI, I almost always recommend sending a newsletter weekly or bi-weekly. However, if monthly is your jam, I’m happy to work with you too!

Are we locked in for a certain amount of time?

I wouldn’t want to be locked in, so neither will you. With modern billing through Stripe, it’s easy to pause, pro-rate, and cancel your plan at any time. Just let me know.

What email platform do you use?

Whatever your preference! I will work in the email platform you already have or help guide you toward a platform that better suits your needs. Most Nice Newsletter clients are in MailChimp, Klaviyo, or ActiveCampaign.