Add Custom Google Fonts to Your MailChimp Email

Sometimes, close enough doesn’t cut it. It’s nice to use your brand fonts in email.

If you use one of the more popular Google fonts with your brand, MailChimp probably provides it off-the-shelf through their existing Google font integration.

However, if you use a display font or something less popular (or a font from a different foundry like Adobe), what’s your solution?

You have a couple options.

Text in an image

This is a very common approach. If you’ve seen emails with very ornate designs and unique typefaces, they are usually designed in a program like Canva, Photoshop, or Figma; exported as an image; and added the image to the email design.

It’s a great way to achieve complex designs quickly. However, it’s a bit of a hack and has some drawbacks.

For instance, if images fail to load (or load slowly) when someone opens the email, the recipient won’t get much value. Further, if the recipient has vision loss, their screenreader won’t be able to tell them what the email says.

Use custom fonts in MailChimp

The preferable, more accessible approach is to use custom fonts in your email design.

Here’s how to add yours to your MailChimp email design:

When you need to elevate your type game

MailChimp provides a subset of Google’s custom fonts, but may not have the font that meets your taste (or brand standards). Luckily, adding custom fonts to your email is very doable.

Let me know if you have questions!

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