Keep marketing when you’re fully booked

You pull hard on the marketing levers when you need clients and ease off when you’re busy.

We have limited time, energy, and capacity. It’s totally natural.

But the back end of this cycle—when you need more clients again—is stress and scrambling.

To avoid this, you can’t let your marketing dry up when you’re busy. Instead, the goal is to keep a pipeline full of your ideal clients learning how you think and approach their problems. Their time will come.

A business that’s serious about staying in business will keep marketing even when they’re fully booked.

Like most things, marketing follows the 80/20 principle. What activities return 80% of the results with just 20% of the effort? Figure out what that is and prioritize the time to keep doing it despite a full client roster.

For me, it’s writing articles (which appear on this blog and in my newsletter) and participating in forums (which lead people to this blog and my newsletter). I have to block out time on my calendar to do it.

Marketing in motion stays in motion, but marketing at rest stays at rest. To avoid the stress of trying to fill a dried-up pipeline when you need more clients, stay active and keep marketing even when you’re busy.

You can dismantle the cycle, create more opportunities, and eliminate a lot of stress.

If you’re busy, consider this a kick in the pants to keep putting yourself out there.

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