Add an Agency User to Your MailChimp Account

When you need help with your MailChimp account, you may be tempted just to send over your username and password. Stop! That is neither secure nor convenient.

It’s a far better practice to add users to your account with their own credentialed access, which you can increase or revoke as necessary. And the help you’ve invited in can log in with their own email and password (and 2-FA, etc).

What’s the difference between an Agency User and a regular user account?

You pay for the ability to add users to your MailChimp account. An Essentials plan currently allows up to 3 users (or “seats”) on your account.

However, an Agency User doesn’t count. You can add an Agency User without using up one of your allotted user seats.

Add an Agency User to your account

So, how do you add the freelancer or agency to your MailChimp account without using up your user seats?

They have to request to connect. It’s a process that the Agency User will need to initiate. All they need is the email address of the owner of your account.

Once they request to connect, you’ll get an email from MailChimp with the agency access request. It should include the name/email of the user and a note about which permissions they need on your account.

Click the button that says, “View Request,” and it’ll prompt you to log in to your MailChimp account and choose the level of access for the agency user.

At Nice Newsletter, I always request Admin access as an Agency User. This is so that I can help with audience exports and maintain a high level of list hygiene (avoid bounced emails!).

If further help is needed, get in touch or view MailChimp’s documentation on the subject.

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