Build periodization into your marketing plan

There are emails to write, articles to research, TikToks to shoot, Shorts to edit, presentations to design, and clients to follow up with. This is business in 2024.

The one who chases two rabbits doesn’t eat

In other words, you can’t possibly do it all. Your business needs multiple marketing avenues to have steady leads and new clients coming in. But it’s not realistic or advisable to do everything at once.

The key is to chase one rabbit at a time. Focus on one area, get good at that, and add in more sequentially.

In physical training, this is called periodization. Periodization allows the body to adapt to the work put in toward energy systems, strength, endurance, and peak power. Without a periodized focus, your training can become ineffective.

It’s not that you shouldn’t do a lot of things to grow your business. You shouldn’t try to do it all at once.

For my business, I’m intensely focused on creating content for my website. I’m aiming to have 10 new articles per month until I reach about 50 articles. At that point, I’ll have some well-structured ideas and a wide base to build additional marketing activities on.

In marketing, it’s easy to feel like you need to be doing everything all at once. But that’s not realistic. Start with a small focus first. Make progress there. Catch the rabbit. Then add something more.

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