Who Should Hire a Done-for-you Newsletter Service?

Welcome to Nice Newsletter! My name is Jordan Mogck (pronounced like “mock”) and I’ll be your guide.

I’ve been in the email newsletter game for over a decade and have managed newsletters and email marketing programs for dozens of brands and businesses.

In that time, I’ve realized two good reasons to consider a done-for-you newsletter service and two qualifiers that make it a no-brainer.

Two reasons to consider a done-for-you newsletter service

Reason #1

Execution is hard

The first reason to consider a done-for-you newsletter service is if it’s difficult to ship your newsletter consistently.

You may not have someone on the team solely responsible to make it happen. Or if there is, it may not be a high priority.

So much of email success is tied up with familiarity and anticipation. That’s built with consistency.

If a recipient forgets who you are because you don’t send a newsletter regularly, you’re in dangerous territory. People who don’t immediately recognize a sender are much more prone to mark the email as spam. And a spam complaint is far worse than someone unsubscribing from your list.

So if consistency is difficult for you, consider hiring a done-for-you newsletter service.

Reason #2

Entropy is ruining your email list

Entropy is the gradual decline of predictability, order, and clarity. In email marketing, it usually looks something like the following:

  • You have tags scattered about your list that you don’t remember what they mean or how to use them.
  • You set up multiple lists instead of utilizing segments.
  • You have many duplicate campaigns.
  • You have many inactive or disengaged contacts.

When entropy creeps in, it becomes hard to see patterns and opportunities in your data. Not to mention how entropy inflates your platform costs due to duplicate contact records.

The easiest way to fix an entropic email account is to 1) burn it down and start over or 2) bring in outside energy and perspective.

Working with a done-for-you newsletter service gives you an experienced eye on your account and data so you’re solid for the future.

Two qualifiers that make it a no-brainer

Qualifier #1

The value of a customer exceeds $1,000

Your email newsletter is a much warmer sales environment than any other social media. A good email strategy can deliver a sales process that slows down or speeds up based on the subscriber. Beyond that, email provides you with zero-party data that significantly improves insights into your prospects.

Qualifier #2

You have an email list of 2,000 or more contacts

There is some scale that makes hiring a done-for-you newsletter service a no-brainer.

If you’re working on your first couple hundred email subscribers, you may not have a significant investment return until later. In my experience, a 2,000+ email list is big enough to start seeing some positive returns in revenue and better insights.

Should you hire a done-for-you newsletter service?

If your business would benefit from a consistently awesome newsletter and you don’t have the capacity (or know-how) to produce it, then you should explore hiring Nice Newsletter.

P.S. Would you benefit from a little more clarity around your newsletter strategy? Grab 20 minutes to chat with me for free (I love to help).